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Uganda Private Teachers’ Union (UPTU) is a registered national Labour Union, LU. No. 27, with a jurisdiction to organise workers in Education Institutions/ schools for advancement and promotion of their socio-economic interests / welfare through organising, collective bargaining and representation.


Uganda Private Teachers’ Union is an independent Organisation with current affiliation to “Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions (COFTU – UGANDA).


Union’s Guiding Principles

  1. That Uganda Private Teachers’ Union is an independent organization freely founded by its members with its administration and governance exclusively controlled by the members.
  2. The membership of Uganda Private Teachers’ Union unless deemed otherwise is exclusively for workers in education related systems / working in schools under the scope of Union organising or those with which the Union has a recognition, Collective Bargaining Agreements and or Memorandum of Understanding.
  3. The Union works to ensure that discriminatory acts are not committed against any person by the Union or by its organs, members or officers or employers or the state on grounds such as race, gender, disability, age, creed or social class.
  4. The Union shall not be affiliated to any political party and shall remain neutral in undertaking its activities, And any leader or official of the Union who holds office in any political party shall not use the Union in the promotion of party work otherwise shall be required to relinquish his union.
  5. The Union shall be guided by ideals of democracy, human rights and social justice and shall be transparent and accountable to its members in an orderly manner through the relevant organs.
  6. All members and leaders shall be required to maintain a good standard of ethics, professionalism and integrity, respect for each other and to obey and follow the code of conduct as may be developed from time to time.