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A vibrant education work force capable of yielding desirable education standards, articulating and handling issues for promotion of socio-economic interests of members.


To build a strong Labour Union capable of promoting workers’ rights, general welfare and increased productivity in the education sector.


Area of Operation

The Union’s geographical area of operation is Uganda, organising workers in private education institution, teaching and Non teaching staffs all together.

The Union is undertaking rigorous recruitment and organising activities to reach out to all the school workers and build its muscle to the vast estimated potential membership of over 250,000 (Two Hundred and fifty thousand) workers in these schools. 


  • To promote respect and observance of workers’ rights especially in the private education sector for benefit of all.
  • To be the link between the members and the employers or other relevant authorities in the process of collective bargaining and negotiating for better terms and conditions of work.
  • Undertake education programs that help address the needs of workers/ members, employers and the employment demands at large.
  • Foster good industrial relations and encourage maintenance of good work practices and professionalism.
  • To undertake continuous recruitment and organizing of new members into the union.
  • Execute programs on HIV/AIDS, occupational health and safety at workplace, industrial harmony, child labour, environment protection and sustainability, entrepreneurship promotion and any other appropriate programme for the good of members and Uganda at large.
  • Seek to cooperate and or be affiliated to both organizations within and outside Uganda so as to promote solidarity among member organizations with similar or related objectives and goals.
  • To perform any other duties and or engage in any other businesses as the members may lawfully decide.

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