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In furtherance of the fore stated objects, Uganda Private Teachers’ Union under takes programmes activities inter alia including;

Regular and recurring organising and recruitment of members into the union, AND using the union as a platform to;
  1. Reform and or improve the work culture and ethics of members.
  2. Improve members’ welfare and industrial harmony.
  3. Enhance workers skills and professionalism and for better service delivery and productivity.
  4. Empower and transform members and general work force at large.
Education and training activities on Union and other socio-economic concepts AND use this flagship to;
  1. Reform the working culture and mindset at work,
  2. Enhance skills and professionalism to increase productivity,
  3. Research and disseminate information about opportunities and best practices of excellent work culture, values, attitudes, ethics and professionalism through tailor courses and mentorship.
  4. Facilitate improvement and or reforms in skills and professionalism for higher productivity and self livelihood including conducting of Entrepreneurship education commonly using the ILO packages of SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business) modules GET Ahead module among others.
Collective bargaining and representation at its various levels of; schools, local governments, central and or national levels and other forums. Through this programme, UPTU;
  1. Lobby employers for improved and attractive working conditions of their staff,
  2. Lobby and advocate for favorable, productive and fair working conditions, policies and legislations at the various levels.
  3. Seek and lobby forums deserving members’ representation for expression of their voices.
Arbitration, grievance handling, litigation and other forms of undertakings aimed at promotion of social justice for members and workers at large.Accordingly the union shall;

Provide legal advise and or support to indigent members in form of conducting education and training on matters of law, do court representations, establish resource centre on legal matters, facilitate establishment of mechanisms for dialogue and dispute settlement at the various branches, commission position papers among others.